Jeffrey Campbell – The Hole in One Shoe

My sister tells me that oxfords are going to be big. I guess I believe her, but I need to warn everyone that reads this (and I really really hope there are people who read this) that picking an appropriate pair of oxfords is tricky. They’re really a man’s shoe. So you need to try your best and pick a pair that you love, but a pair that your father (provided he’s straight) would never be caught dead in.

These Jeffrey Campbells are a perfect example: feminine but not too feminine that they lose their oxford touch. And again we have a shoe with a fantastic name. But move past that for these shoes are not only meant for the golfing greenery. They’re perfect for any casual occasion and you don’t need to know how to hold a 9 iron to wear them (and thus concludes the entirety of my golfing knowledge).

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