Cirque de Sole-leil Heels

Ok first of all, props to this shoe for having one of the best if not the best name in the shoe business. Shoe business, kind of like show business? Anyway Cirque de Sole-leil is just hilarious.

The shoe is not bad either. Actually, it’s good. Just enough flash for a heel. Appropriately colored and sized stripes (stripes are big again this season). I love them so much I just might have to get a pair. Even the description provided by the designer is delicious:

Some girls think that one must have the acrobatic agility to jump through dangerously high hoops in order to create a unique style. You know better. Your secret? These wholly unusual, wonderfully adorable heels! Made to turn conventional fashion inside out, these shoes put on a spectacular show with their blue-and-white-striped body and contrasting yellow python heel and trim. Their playful color scheme gives them the flexibility to pair with any costume, from skinnies and a chiffon tee over a metallic tank, to a girlish, belted frock. So, tour the town in these vivacious shoes, and your artistic eye for fashion with always be apparent!

Of course, there’s a limited number of things you can wear these shoes with, or destinations you can wear them to. But I think we’ve figured out by now that shoes are just good to have: you’ll figure out where to wear them afterwards.

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