Sam & Libby – Casbah Floral Pump

The low-heel shoe is an interesting niche. I even surprised myself with that biology term. But it works. It can either be done two ways: it can be holding up a shoe that your grandmother is likely to wear since higher heels are too high for her daintiness, or it can hold up a shoe that is chic and edgy and perfect for a day at work. They’re more comfortable than higher heels, but the flip side is they’re likely not as fancy.

Take this pair, par exemple (that’s for example in French, one of the few things I remember). It has an adorable low heel and yet isn’t something Nana would likely wear to play bridge. The flowers not only add youth to what potentially could have been an older shoe, but they make the shoe a perfect centerpiece for an outfit. You can wear it with all black in the winter, or with jeans and a cute top in the spring. What’s better than a shoe for all year round?

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