Fendi – Straw Platform Pump

I know that 2-ish in the afternoon is tragically late to be posting my first post of the day, but I moved yesterday so cut me some slack.

These Fendi heels are interesting. That was a lame statement, I know, and terribly vague, so let me elaborate. For starters, they’re made of straw (among other things, don’t worry). But if that wasn’t enough of a tropical addition to a shoe, they’re made of raffia also. Don’t know what raffia is? Yeah, neither did I, until I read this.

Moving past the tropical flair, these double platform peep-toe kicks are also made of suede. And if black isn’t your thing be sure to check out the tan version of this darling shoe (and consult a physician, because seriously, who doesn’t like black shoes?). But if you put aside the slightly strange materials of this shoe and you focus on the shoe itself, it is really quite stunning: the sizable peep-toe blanketed by a modernistic bow dresses things up a bit. But I guess given the straw texture of the shoe, the tan version might be better to wear in the shoe’s natural habitat: the beach.

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