Hunter – Boa Welly Boot

I woke up this morning and the weatherman informed me that there is a chance of rain. The odds aren’t that high that precipitation will, well, preciptate today, but the information was enough to scare me away from wearing not-weather-proof shoes. Alas, another opportunity to wear my new suede flats has come and gone. So on days like today I am glad I have rainboots that can masquerade as regular boots, like these Hunter beauties.

Just take a look. These Hunter boots are made of a fake snake-skin embossed rubber – stylish AND functional. I mean, come on people, just look at the attention the Hunter people paid to the details! Silver hardware, pretend boot stitching, it just doesn’t stop! And since they’re Hunters, they are the crème de la crème of rainboots. I think that today won’t be such a bad day afterall.


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