Jimmy Choo – Karina

Now in the attempt to prove to all of you who read this (and I do hope that people read this) that I am an honest person, I have to confess that one of my closest friends recommended I write about these shoes. But I have to add that I wouldn’t write about them if I didn’t feel I had something to say (whether it be criticism, or in this case praise). So what do we have here? It’s merely a nice pair of black fishnet/leather studded Jimmy Choo booties. The open front/top part adds a bit of a sex appeal to the shoe, certain to drive any man wild, assuming you can find a straight guy who notices what you wear on your feet.

I have to say that while I admire this shoe tremendously, I am not certain it is the most practical of shoes. For starters, it’s more of a wear-it-once shoe; there is a limited number of outfits with which this shoe is acceptable. But if you can get passed that (which I can), you need to be an Olympic-level athlete to club-hopping in 4.25-inch heels without breaking your neck. However, if you can tackle these hurdles, and more power to you if you can, flaunt these Jimmy Choos – they’re stunning.


One thought on “Jimmy Choo – Karina

  1. So, I’ve tried on these shoes and they are actually pretty comfortable. I don’t claim to be the best at walking in heels, but the leather straps along the front kept my foot anchored in and prevented me from sliding around. I agree that they aren’t the most practical from a style perspective and the four digit price tag leaves a lot to be desired but I believe that all shoes should aspire to be as sexy and confident as these!

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