Gucci – Debra Platform

It’s true, fashion meteorologists everywhere have been saying it: navy is going to be big this season. And Gucci is on the money with this platform. Well, at least they are color-wise.

I can’t seem to get my eyes past the heel, however. It’s like a table leg (for a 4-inch-tall table). The description (via Bergdorf Goodman) is that there is “bamboo detail on heel.” Bamboo? Even if that were true (because ladies and gents, that heel looks nothing like bamboo), who would want navy blue bamboo keeping there legs looking sexy? I guess there’s a buyer for every product?

Moving past that heel though, I must confess that the gold piping near the sole of the shoe is quite marvelous. And the fact that the shoe is open toed makes it great for transitioning into the Spring. So if you aren’t like me and you can deal with that heel, then splurge for this otherwise-gorgeous pair of heels. If not, be sure to get a pair of navy digs anyway. They’re sure to come in handy.

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