Finds From the Wild

So I went on a shopping trip today with my mother and sister. The mission: to find a dress for a school formal in two weeks. The tactics: 5th Avenue dress departments – with a few detours to visit some shoes (and did you expect anything less?).

Fendi Rainboots? Rainboots are rainboots, my friends. Don’t splurge on a pair because of who makes them. As nice as Fendi rainboots may be, they’re not going to be any nicer than a solid pair of Hunters (and Hunters are probably better since, well, that’s their game). Aside from that, no one likes the girl that wears things because you can tell who makes them. Want people to know you’ve spent a lot of money? Leave the price tags on.

These are a classic. Chanel flats. In almost every color. So, I snagged a picture to share. Enjoy these bad boys.

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