Prada – Buckle Slingback Sandal

I know, I know, I said I hated sling-backs and you should do anything and everything to avoid them, but there’s an exception to every fashion rule. These stunning Pradas have a buckle on their sling; you can adjust the tension on your ankle to perfection.

And how can you say no to these bad boys? Five-inch heel, one-inch platform, a nice natural color, great for the summer or a day in sunny California. Normally I’d include Florida in the list of places you could wear this dashing pair of heels but my recent 8 day jaunt in the Sunshine State was privy to 30-degree weather. Fahrenheit.

But about these shoes, to me they seem like a natural boost; their natural tone makes them comfortable and easy and a pleasant enhancement that doesn’t take the attention away from your natural beauty. Prada is great at that being a brand, a beacon, that has been so popular for almost a century (just three years shy). They’re able to stand strong on their own as great shoes but they don’t take anything away from the woman who wears them.

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