Dolce Vita – Trinity

A gift for those of you that are vertically challenged, we have the hidden platform. You can look as though you are sporting a regular pair of pumps when in actuality you have a little extra boost of confidence provided by another inch or so. When worn, these shoes don’t scream I’m shorter than I wish I was so I’m going to compensate with a pair of ridiculously high heels (you all know what I’m referring too; a trend that we sadly see far too often). This is the perfect shoe for one of my roommates (or anyone like her), just south of five feet tall.

As for this hidden platform in particular, I can assure you that it is one of the most comfortable of shoes. Dolce Vita shoes are always soft and cushioned, like 400-count Egyptian cotton sheets made especially to be wrapped around your dainty feet. This pair in particular is extra scrumptious; the little silver studs adorning the grey exterior are hip enough that this shoe is only really appropriate for a night on the town. But don’t let that discourage you; every shoe has its purpose and there’s nothing better in life than having the perfect shoe for each occasion.

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