Christian Louboutin – Declic Pumps

I am constantly on the quest to find the perfect pair of red heels. I am the queen of little black dresses (seriously, my closet is half comprised of them) and in my head nothing goes better with a black dress than a fantastic pair of red shoes. Patent-leather preferably, closed toed, not too pointy, you get the picture.

Christian Louboutin is the new Manolo Blahnik. While Louboutin launched his line in 1991, it has only recently been in the lime-light. If Carrie Bradshaw was still aired on HBO, she’d be raving about her Louboutin-cravings. Others have them: Christina Aguilera loves Louboutins so much she had him make shoes specially for her in size five, a size in which these French shoes are not usually made. And to top that, Jennifer Lopez even named a single after the esteemed shoe designer extraordinaire.

This pair of Louboutins is just fantastic. I foam a little at the mouth when I see them. Red, patent-leather, absolutely stunning. If you were to decide to spend this month’s salary on any splurge of an item, set your sight on this shoe.

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